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Mr. Philip Afari, popularly known as Afari Tadisco Down in the political circles has added his voice that the Ghanaian youths should venture into entrepreneurship and not rely on the public sector for employment.

Speaking to some youth in the Kwesimintsim constituency, he reiterated that, “ it is very common and very easy for Ghanaian youths to come together and form keep-fit clubs, social clubs for site seeing and weekend hangouts, but are not able to come together to form businesses.
He advised that the youth should take that opportunity of coming together to discuss business ideas and think of ways of getting funding. This is what we should channel our energies, to secure a better future for ourselves and that of our children’s children.
Individuals like Despite, Dangote, Ibrahim Mahama etc all made it through entrepreneurship and not through government or public sector employment.”

He further advised that the youth should also take advantage and make good use of the social media for doing business and not only focus on the entertainment aspect.

He ended by quoting Uhuru Kenyatta which states, ” If you really love your children, get a business not a job, because when you die your children cannot inherit your job, but they can definitely inherit your business. In fact, if you die on the job, your boss will replace you before your burial.”

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