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Teachers in this country are aggrieved because of what they call gross disregard to their plight as professionals.

Teachers over the years thought their union leaders are there for them but their actions seems otherwise.

Teachers in this country have been disrespected for far too long and they wish there was nothing like Teacher unions for the be able to deduct from teachers salaries dues for their personal comfort.

In 2020 teachers were given PDA by the Npp government due to the president pledge to better the conditions of service for teachers. The union negotiated with NTC for a 100gh deduction for the Teacher license fees. The unions made teachers aware that government has absorbed 100gh for teachers but they were deducted 100gh for license fees yet again and the unions are quite with it because according to the CAGD they together with GES gave them the go ahead for such deductions.

Teachers are saying that, why did their union leaders deceive them into thinking the government has absorbed the said 100gh.

On the issue of the teachers laptop project. The union made its members aware that only those who have received the laptops would be deducted but when the actual salary came, teachers were deducted 509gh which is 30% of an amount teachers doesn’t actually know because the said figure keeps changing.

The question the aggrieved teachers are asking is that, why were those who have not received the said laptop with know knowledge of when they will receive the laptops salary be deducted 509gh as those who have received. How can I pay for an item which is not in my possession.? Are the union leaders there for the welfare of the ordinary teacher.?

They said,they are given their union leaders a week ultimatum to come out with a succinct explanation into what is actually happening. The CAGD has made an emphatic statement in their release that they can’t touch teachers money if the order is not given by GES and Gnat.

They are saying, if the week elapse without any concrete explanation they will hit the streets to vent their anger on their union leaders and GES but this time not the government.

In all, a total of 609gh have been deducted from the 1200gh Teacher Professional Development Allowance.

They are calling for fairness and equity.

Teachers deserves respect in this country.

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