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Dear Gnat leaders,
I am with great displeasure writing you this letter. I hope you have really enriched yourself with our dues and mutual fund deductions.

Respectfully are you guys aware without Teachers there will be nothing called Teacher union for you to be called GNAT.

Sir, have you forgotten the meaning of Gnat,if that is the case let me remind you. Gnat means GHANA NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF *TEACHERS*.

The meaning of the association clearly shows that we are the most important asset to the very survival of the union.

If so,why are you treating your important and vital assets like this,why have you allowed your greatest assets to be treated this way.

Am by this letter informing you that the Professional Allowance has been deducted yet again by the NTC. In 2020 NTC deducted 200gh as license fees,so why deducting another 100gh this year without informing we the Teachers.

Upon our checks,for the first time in the history of taxation an allowance has been taxed. Because you are not biting enough your assets are being taken for granted

The sad thing is,you guys are not doing anything to better the lot of teachers and again allowing same to be treated unfairly.

Lastly, I have seen some release circulating that,you guys have planned sharing 3yards of Gnat cloths each as your assets Christmas gifts or package. If this is true, please change that notion because what will teachers do with these cloths during the Xmas. Who shares cloths to its members as Christmas gift.?

Is it lack of commitment or share wickedness?

Gnat your members deserves better because throughout the covid 19 pandemic your members risked their lives at work so for anything at all something better could be given as a package for them to also feel belonging. Even sublets within you are sharing rice,oils,canned beef etc how much more you the mother union.

I am by this letter expressing my level of displeasure and I hope answers will be sort with regards to the deductions. I hope the cloths as Christmas package will be dropped immediately because your greatest assets deserves better.?

I want to ask the question. Gnat, what Christmas package will you give to your executives this Xmas we want to know.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully

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