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We Need To Do It Differently, A Call For A New Administrative Head For NPP.

A strong position held by majority of our respected patriots is that, the party, NPP, needs to critically appraise the performance of its Administrative Head (The General Secretary). Evidently, there’s lack of direction and an oversight responsibility over party appointees’ supportive roles for the grassroots.

A statement from the camp of the incumbent General Secretary was to the effect that, “What our grassroots must know is that, various heads of institutions, CEOs and MMDCEs are our core people who holds the capacity and responsibility to make sure that the needs of the grassroots are met”. A statement we find it very unfortunate and it simply demonstrates lack of understanding of the critical roles of a General Secretary (CEO of the party).

The question is, where did the MMDCEs and CEOs got their mandate from? Is it not the party the very grassroots fought for gave them the mandate? So who should monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their supportive roles for the grassroots? Is it not the CEO of the party who should champion the idea of efficient and effective monitoring of the performance of various CEOs and MMDCEs regarding the supports for the grassroots? Where did we go wrong?

Again, by deception, the camp believes that the CEO of our great party should be busy reviewing what they called ”Various strategies in the past election, make International comparison of elections similar to ours”. Unbelievable! Once again, this shows how there is misunderstanding concerning party management priorities.

The question is, how can a party win elections with very aggrieved grassroots? And what will be the essence of reviewing elections if the aggrieved grassroots refuse to participate in the next elections? The answer to the above questions is we need a new General Secretary, PERIOD! Someone who truly appreciate party management.


Source: Concerned Patriots

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