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Our behavior as a generation has changed totally because of the influx of foreign movies and content read on the social media. In the 80s though kidnappings were rampant in Nigeria and other european countries it’s was rare in Ghana but because of their movies, Ghanaians started copying the acts of kidnapping for money gradually and now it’s has become part of our society.

People have now seen it as a way of getting rich quickly. But others also fake these kidnaps to collect huge sums of monies from their parents and boy friends. Some fake kidnaps to deceive husband’s like the recent famous one that happened in Takoradi,were the lady allegedly faked her pregnancy with a silicon belly.

On Friday,22nd of October 2021,we waked up to yet another fake kidnap conspiracy between three people according to a police report from the Takoradi Central Police Station.

According to police report,Joana Krah 29, Susana Awortwe 27 and Francis Eshun conspired to fake the kidnap of Joana Krah and collect a ransom of (Gh 5000.00) from her adopted father. The report says the adopted father reported the case to the Takoradi Central Police Station that he had received a call that her daughter had been kidnapped and that the kidnappers are demanding a Gh. 5000.00 ransom. The police per the report quickly mounted a search for Joana,in heated search according to the report Joana Krah got to know that her adopted father had gone to report the case at the police station and out of fear she showed up at the Takoradi Central Police Station to confess that she was joking with her adopted father.

According to the report she was arrested and later,further investigation  led the police to arrest the other two conspirators.

The three suspect will be processed to court today Monday 25th of October,2021.

According to the report,the police is advising the citizenry to desist from such acts because it is a criminal act.


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