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The Municipal Chief Executive for Jomoro Municipal Assembly, Hon. Louisa Iris Arde has issued a disclaimer on fraudulent recruitments into the security services in her name.

She said this in an audio which is being circulated around that,  unknown individuals are using her name focusing in the capacity in which serves as the Municipal Chief Executive to convince the youth, especially those who have interest in joining any of the security services in Ghana, be it Army, Airforce, Navy, Customs, Police Service, Immigration, Prisons and also in the National Security too.

She said these fake individuals have been requesting amounts of monies to be paid to their accounts in order to help them with a successful recruitment into any of the services mentioned above.

She once again advised all people who stands to be victims of such situations to be very careful dealing with issues of that sort in the public domain.

An audio going viral on most social media platforms that she did today to the hearing of all her supporters and loved ones indicated that, the fraudsters are requesting Gh¢1,500.00 from each potential candidate and more for a successful recruitment all in the name of granting them protocol slots which are false and untrue.

She however reiterated on her commitments in serving her people in faith, selflessness, commitment and with hardwork.

She again disclosed that, if she has the capacity or gets the opportunity to help facilitate any of her constituents into any of the security services she will support the person wholeheartedly without asking of any amount to be paid in order to facilitate the persons successful recruitment process.

The Municipal  Chief Executive, Hon. Louisa Iris Arde said during her interview that, she only operates with only one Facebook account with the name Louisa Arde and with her picture.

Please disregard any calls of such nature. I am not recruiting people into the security services. If I have any good thing to do for the youth of Jomoro, I’ll not do that at a fee. I came to serve my people with a good heart. Please let’s share and expose the fraudsters. She said.

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