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On Thursday, 4th November, 2021, the Sekondi High Court (Commercial Division) gave an order for substituted service on a contempt case against the MP for Jomoro.

By the orders of the court, the order was supposed to be pasted on the notice boards of the court, the residence of the MP at Bonyere and a publication in the Ghanaian Times Newspaper.

This morning, the bailiff of the court went to Bonyere to paste the notice but was attacked by some rented boys of the MP and assaulted.

According to Mr. Afful, he went with a police officer who was not armed to paste the notice. After pasting the notice, one guy came out of the MP’s house and asked why he pasted the notice there. He explained to him, but he went ahead to call people on phone to come.

Upon seeing the mob coming, the police officer ran away leaving the bailiff there.

Mr. Afful was confronted and subsequently beaten by these boys.

Sources indicate that, one former assemblyman by name Peter Nyame, a current assemblyman called Peter Yeboah (Spy Vee) and some twins who are noted to be notorious at Bonyere were involved in the uncivilized and barbaric act.

They remove the notice pasted by the bailiff and also took his file and ID card as a court bailiff but he took them back.

He was saved by a man called Peter who is NDC member and knows Mr. Afful to be a good person.

The Jomoro Municipal Police Command upon hearing this sent men there to save the situation, but the bailiff (Mr. Emmanuel Afful) had already left the place.

There has not been any arrest and the bailiff is currently receiving medical attention.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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