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A video going viral on the official Facebook page of Adom News indicates and exposes a witch performing rituals which was captured by a CCTV Camera at the house.

The CCTV camera footage captured the whole rituals which was performed by the witch, she appeared to the scene with a long broomstick which is alleged to be her varnishing aid. The witch as seen in the video, after chanting and doing a whole lot of incantations at the residence of the unknown which is yet to be known, later disappeared to thin air, appeared again with an object in her hand which is alleged to be a newly born baby.

The witch after her spells, rituals and other incantations left the scene to her destination.

The host of the show on Adom New, adviced all to be very prayerful in all their dealings for we may not know who stands to hunt us in the spiritual world.

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