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The survival of every organization to a large extent depends on the robustness and prudent management of its finances. An organization that fails to protect and promote the welfare of its members is not worth dying for. Occasionally, cases of death and illnesses of party officers are reported, but due to the lack of institutionalized insurance/welfare policy to deal with such misfortunes, victims do not get the required help, thereby putting their families in deplorable situations.

It is for the reason why the National Treasurer Hopeful, Collins Nuntwiri Nuamah contends that, in building a solid resource base, both human and financial for the party to break the eight (8) year cycle in election 2024 and beyond, he, as the National Treasurer shall propose for consideration and approval by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the party the setting up of Institutional Group Life Assurance and Accident Insurance Policy for all party officers of the party during their tenure in office.

This novel policy in our body-politic, when fully established shall provide a safe guarantee for National Officers, Regional Officers, Constituency Officers, Electoral Area Officers and Polling Station Executives in the event of death, critical illness such as stroke, cardiovascular diseases, cancers/tumors, and accidents.

With CNN’s vast knowledge and experience in the financial sector and party administration, coupled with his selflessness, he, together with his colleague national executives will make this brilliant idea a reality. Let’s come onboard and throw our support behind CNN. He is the right man for the job.


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