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In recent past a group emerged with a slogan *Fix the country* with demonstration here and there all in the name of asking the government to fix the country.

Others were with the view that attitudes of Ghanaians needed to be fixed first before the entire country follow suite.

However the government of the day was already fixing the country yet that chant to fix kept increasing. A new IGP was appointed by the president to as it were to fix the attitude of these same Ghanaians while the government fixed the other sections of the system.

Attitudinal change must start from prominent people to the ordinary people. In that way if few prominent people are helped to change their attitude it’s effect will sanitize the entire system.

The new IGP arrested some people Ghanaian felt they are untouchable and the entire nation trembled and became silent. Everyone became afraid, lawlessness came to it kneels,people started proclaiming their fears. Prominent people stopped doing their usual jumping of red light and other staff.

But some Ghanaians become hypocrite when a well known pastor was denied bail by the police,same Ghanaians became lawyers overnight to quote and interpret same just to make the work of the IGP difficult. Did we really meant the fix the country chant.

Another attitudinal challenge facing the country was media reportage on issues. The media always putting out unverified information has been our greatest problem.

Recently,the fake pregnancy kum kidnap case that was reported widely by a well known journalist in Takoradi Paa Kwesi Simpson and captain smart turned out to be fake according to police investigation. The matter went to court be those journalists were left off the hook for reporting as if they thought there were no law to incriminate them so he Paa Kwesi Simpson broke yet another fake kidnap case within a months time after the fake pregnancy one. After yet another investigation it turned out to be fake and the lady in question was sentenced to 6years imprisonment. Same journalist was left off the hook again without any liability.

He again announced another kidnapping case just few days ago and even brought the guy who claimed his girlfriend had been kidnapped to his studio to grant a live interview.

The police swiftly invited both the journalist and the guy to the central police station it turns out to be yet another fake kidnapping case. But this time luck eluded him and the police took him and the guy to court and he the journalist have been remanded for two weeks to reappear in court.

Now some section of same Ghanaians are complaining.



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