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Dr. Charles Dwamena affectionately called “Dr. China” has introduced an initiative aimed at outsourcing funds from external and industrial partners as well as dues from loyal party faithfuls.

The monies accrued from this initiative will be decentralized from the National level right down to the constituencies and the electoral areas for the benefit of the party faithfuls and sympathisers.

Additionally, the policy seeks to support the party financially and to renew and restore the faith of the grassroot in the party by providing them with business support opportunities and scholarship award scheme.

This novel policy from “Dr. China” will further reduce the incessant pressure on the central government because the needs of party faithfuls and sympathisers will be catered for by this profound initiative.

Furthermore, this policy by “Dr. China” in effect will be the common denominator to win the confidence of swing voters and help in our quest to break the eight year jinx if properly implemented.

Indeed we call on all and sundry to rally an immense support for this incredible initiative to help keep the pressure at all governmental levels at bay.

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#Nyame Ay3 Ewie

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