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Depression is a condition which is often associated with mental health implications. Stress coupled with neglect how ever speeds up the chances of one getting depressed.

Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, popularly known as funny face over the past two years being in their media for the wrong reasons.

His relationships with women has not been that best,his ex wife started the downfall of the children father when she publicly said he is a two minutes man which brought traffic in the media space. She even went on to say funny face is impotent and other stuff.

The children’s father stood his grounds and won this battle till he met
his baby’s mama. The lady wiped their tears and agony for being impotent by given him two adorable girls. His life came back to normalcy.

Unfortunately,the relationship with the baby mama crumbled with lots of issues.

Funny face woes started when his baby mama left him together with the kids. He started doing facebook and instagram lives insulting people around him that had helped him throughout his career.

Funny face problems got worse by the day to the extent that he was ones sent to the psychiatrist for examination.

Fast forward, recently he took to his usual like and insulted the likes of father Dickson,Bola ray and even his father Adebeyoh but luck eluded him when he threatened to kill his baby mama. Such acts being criminal in Ghana resulted in him being arrested in a rambo style manner.

He was put before the Kaneshie Magistrate court. The judge has since granted the police permit to subject Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng to psychiatric examination and drug use test.

The drug use test is be conducted at the Police Hospital while the psychological test is to be conducted at a public psychiatric hospital in Accra owning to the fact that he admitted in court that he took “wee toffee”

The case will be pending at the court as he undergo his two weeks psychiatric examination.

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