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Delegates in the central region has called on  polling Station and Constituency  executives to be circumspect in their Choice of leadership prior to the upcoming Central Regional NPP Elections, they said this during an interview with

They stated, “we are fed up of being used and dumped, that’s why we are rooting for change. Many as we all know have been neglected, rejected to have been beneficiaries of our able party.”

“They have failed to bring we the grassroots, footsoldiers especially we the polling station executives closer to the seat of government when you were first voted into political power to serve in the interest of our party, it’s time we root for change. We cant always be used and dumped by your parochial interests. We have families, loved ones and people dear to our heart to have been beneficiaries under your leadership but to no avail and nothing good has been channeled out under your watch as Central Regional NPP Executives”

As  Delegates,  they stated during the interview with the Executive Director of that, he will encourage all and sundry to recall the countless surprises they spew on them especially with that of the Women’s Wing prior to the 2018 Regional Elections.

“Unfortunately, we are now being seen to be the best tool to be used in other to engineer their victory but trust me not this time around. Our future, especially our women, young ladies, our children depends on our preparations today. If we opt and root for change today, our tomorrow will be a welcoming one with awesome opportunities. That’s why as Polling Station and Constituency Executives, we have to come onboard and fight a good course, choose a good path and not be blindfolded. Let’s not give room to leaders who only see our importance going into elections, especially with what some of us are seeing now. Are we not surprised at how some leaders are calling our various lines even though they refused to exchange pleasantries with us.” They said

They once again told the press of that, their leaders refused to pick up their calls in terms of need.

In a statement they made ie; “Let’s not forget that, they will treat us same as they did when we gave them the power to serve in our previous elections. Let’s vote for leaders who will respect our values and recognize our importance, serve us and not to be served. My dear and colleague Polling Station and Constituency Executives, it’s time to think about the interest of our respected party. In view of that, I present to you Madam Sarah Afful, a woman who doesn’t belong to any group in the party but has served excellently well with all humility, selflessness, commitment, dedication and love.”

“It’s our time now to choose the best among the rest, a top notch to crack one of course. We need leaders who gives a true definition of honesty, selflessness, dedication, compassion, commitment, humility and love. It’s very obvious many our Polling Station and Constituency Executives are rooting for change, we can’t always be disappointed, we are going for competence. However, we cant mortgage the future of the party for anything less”. They empathized.


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