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The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Jomoro Hon. Louisa Iris Arde inspected the Half-Assini Government Hospital to familiarize herself with the conditions with which our gallant men and women work.

She was led by the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Frank and the hospital Administrator, Mr. Joel Kwaw who gave a vivid description of what their working conditions were especially, accommodation that the Medical Superintendent resides in.

The structure is in such a dilapidated state not fit for purpose for a mere worker below the rank of Medical Superintendent to reside in.

The Hon. MCE was full of gratitude for the selflessness with which the Medical Superintendent has demonstrated in serving the people of Jomoro despite the poor condition of where to place his head. It would interest you to know that, the roof is covered with black polythene bag which produces heat by itself.

The Hon. MCE has been able to lobby a private company to come to the aid of the hospital and renovate the dilapidated structure and give it a befitting look which in tend would give a form of motivation to the Medical Superintendent to stay and give up his best to safe lives and improve the health conditions of the Municipality.

The Medical Superintendent and the Administrator were full of praise for the Hon. MCE for pledging to renovate the Medical Superintendent’s and the new Medical Officer’s bungalow for effective and efficient medical delivery within the Municipality.

Hon. MCE pledged to visit the facility more often to abreast herself with the conditions and find lasting solutions to them as and when they come.

She thanked all the health workers for their sacrifices and commitments in their delivering of quality health care to the people of Jomoro and asked them to continue to give up their best for the Municipality.

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