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Madam Theodorah Sarah Afful who is currently the Central Regional NPP Assistant Secretary and also the Regional Youth and Employment Authority Director – YEA has been tipped as the best candidate to serve as the Central Regional NPP Women’s Organizer. Currently she is contesting an incumbent executive member of the party. However, it’s very obvious that everyone in Central Region wants Madam Sarah Afful to serve as the Central Regional NPP Women’s Organizer. She is one of our own. They stated.

An interview with the some delegates with the executive director of in the region disclosed that, they can’t mortgage their future of the party for anything, hence, will go all out to rally behind Madam Sarah Afful and make her win that slot. They said.

Moving from the stretch where the interview was held, a young man approached the press of and made it clear that, The current Incoming Central Regional NPP Women’s Organizer in the person of Madam Sarah Afful is among the very few grassroots people who respect, inspire, guides, motivates and assist the ordinary party people.

They emphasized that, “She helps them build a better future. Especially those in the rural communities. Not like the incumbent who has always tried doing her best to please the ordinary people who still stands not to be their favorite. Our Sarah Afful is loved by many and not few.” They stressed.

Madam Sarah Afful has been serving the party for years with her little resources and with excellent approach towards party works, in recognizing her experience and undebateable political experience, she has been one of the best to lead and serve as the Central Regional NPP Women’s Organizer for victory in breaking the Eight(8). Because she has built an arena of hope and good life for the Ghanaian Youth.

The New Patriotic Party should look elsewhere in this crucial time whiles trying to break the Eight (8). Our Sarah Afful will build a Formidable front for victory.

For those of us who have despaired unto their heart, there’s hope for you. There’s always a good woman willing to move the region to the promise land for a better future. They said.


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