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Earlier Today Nkwanta-North DCE Hon. Williams Kidignang Nawugma at the Assembles of God Chapel Kpassa Stated that,The major responsibility of the Ministry of Education is to promote quality education delivery in Ghana. This requires adequate resources for the provision of physical facilities, equipment, teaching and learning materials (TLMs), adequate number of trained teachers, and promotion of gender equity in enrolment and retention among others. The Ministry of Education in 2003 adopted the Education Strategic Plan (ESP), which is a Sector Wide Approach to development assistance, in its quest to ensure an effective use of resources at the national level. Education Offices were directed to develop their District Education Strategic Plan (DESP) in line with the ESP (Ministry of Education,
The ESP (2003-2015)
Having a high-quality education system is vital for the success of a nation, but in a tough economy, it can be difficult for even schools to get needed resources.

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