Mr. Philip Afari, popularly known as Afari Tadisco Down in the political circles has added his voice that the Ghanaian youths should venture into entrepreneurship and not rely on the public sector for employment.

Speaking to some youth in the Kwesimintsim constituency, he reiterated that, “ it is very common and very easy for Ghanaian youths to come together and form keep-fit clubs, social clubs for site seeing and weekend hangouts, but are not able to come together to form businesses.
He advised that the youth should take that opportunity of coming together to discuss business ideas and think of ways of getting funding. This is what we should channel our energies, to secure a better future for ourselves and that of our children’s children.
Individuals like Despite, Dangote, Ibrahim Mahama etc all made it through entrepreneurship and not through government or public sector employment.”

He further advised that the youth should also take advantage and make good use of the social media for doing business and not only focus on the entertainment aspect.

He ended by quoting Uhuru Kenyatta which states, ” If you really love your children, get a business not a job, because when you die your children cannot inherit your job, but they can definitely inherit your business. In fact, if you die on the job, your boss will replace you before your burial.”

Transport fares are expected to go up by Monday, October 25, according to the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU).

The percentage at which the increment would be done is immediately not known but according to the Union, it is as a result of the fuel price increment.

The Industrial Relations Officer of GPRTU, Accra branch, Alhaji Abass Imoro, said they have met with the Transport Ministry on the issue and the only thing left for them is to increase the fares by next week.

“The rate at which our fuel prices are increased, I don’t want to preempt anything because there could be another increment soon,” he stated.

Earlier, the Union had warned that it would soon consider increment in transport fares should the current trend of fuel price increments continue.

The Union noted that at the last increments in transport fares, they had projected up till December, 2021 for any varying decision but the rate at which fuel products are being increased arbitrarily, they may be compelled to increase it before December.

Effective Sunday, October 17, a litre of fuel cost GH¢6.80 at some oumps, a situation which has caused many a Ghanaian anxiety.

Reacting to the issue on 3FM’s Sunrise on Wednesday to host Alfred Ocansey, Alhaji Imoro said “do not blame us if we increase it”.

“Government came up with a sharing policy and we have done our part but they have not. So, hopefully, by next week, we shall increase transport fares.”

Alhaji Imoro said “as we speak now, those who are not in any union have increased their fares. The floating trotro drivers have increased their fares”.

Energy expert Kojo Poku said “the government is not taking the impact of fuel price increase seriously”.

He said all the levies on fuel products have transferred unto the consumer, making life difficult for Ghanaians.

Mr. Poku urged the media to prevail on the Finance Ministry to render accounts to the people of Ghana on the stabilization levy.

“The Finance Ministry must account for the GH¢1.26 billion Price Stabilization Levy”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|3news