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The world we are living in is evolving on a faster rate. It’s is becoming smaller as technology emerges. Now the common phrase used is that the has become a *global village.*

But before this global village thing each country, tribes and ethnic groups had their unique and distinct values that they practice exclusively.

Africans had their own way of culture values which discipline played a major role in the up bring of a child in our society. Children were taught to be responsible for their own actions.

Society had a nice way of disciplining theirs children and it’s really helped. Children will hardly engage in certain deviant acts because there were stiffer punishment for such social vices.

These cultural values with high discipline was introduced when schooling became part of the society because many characters come together in our school system and therefore there was the need for higher discipline.

I remember in the olden days any parents can discipline a child for wrong doing irrespective of they being the biological parents. Society then was not like heaven but it’s seemed to be more decorous and descent.

In our schools teachers were made to instill discipline in students in other words check the behavior of students in the school system. Learning outcomes was a total change in behavior of these students in terms of both academic and their social life.

There were many forms of disciplinary actions in our school system which was used to check the life of a student. Our schools then used both reward and punishment.

Students are rewarded for good behavior and same is punished for bad behavior. In those days there were high moral discipline in our schools and these made the students respect their teachers.

Fast forward, now what do we see in our society when the world became a global village.?

Africans are copying blindly western cultures and values. The most annoying part is they have found a nice name to it as *child right.*. It’s shocking to know that there same people now chanting child right passed through the cultural system I have elaborated above yet they don’t want this generation to taste same. Personally I see this as *hypocrisy rather than advocacy.*

Why must you push away something you have benefited from this generation.?

Now,in our schools students are the masters and teachers are subordinates because of certain reforms in our reward and punishment system and to me it has affected the entire society.

Children now dictate for their parents and teachers at school. Now we can all bare witness to some of the happenings in our educational institutions. Anarchy everywhere, indiscipline has taken the centre stage in our society because of this so called child right.

Teachers,head teachers are beaten to death in our schools. Students bullying and stabbing fellows students to death is now the other of the day.

To me the school system is to reform students and not vice versa. No canning,no weeding infact no punishment in our schools and homes.

These so called child rights has brought as where we are at the moment. Our society is at the blink of disaster if care is not taken.

How on earth will a 16 year old student had the courage to stab a fellow minor with a scissors to death?

There is a simple solution to this whole anarchy in our society. There is a saying in our local language which says *SANKOFO Y3 ENYIR.*

The earlier we go back to our reward and punishment systems in the society the better for all of us.

Everyday issues come Ghanaians talk about it for weeks and we all go to sleep. I remember when the 11 year old was killed by fellow minor same topic was discussed lengthy but what did we see? A circular was issued to our schools banning punishment.

We can not always copy from the westerners blindly. They have a lot to deal with but are not brought to the media for those copying blindly to know the effect of their child right what ever. In those western world students a using guns to kill fellow students in masses oh.

Ghana your future leaders are becoming stubborn and wicked instead of being reformed.

Let go back to the old way of life.

Story by
George Quaicoe

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