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Evangelist Elijah Nyame, the man of God at the centre of the exhumed story in Nyameyiekrom, a farming community in Ahanta West Municipal, has warmed that anybody who will try to arrest him for trying to resurrect the mother will die before he returns from cells.

He says he has the direction of God to do what he is doing, that is why he has gone to bring the dead mother from the cemetary to resurrect her.

According to him, he has been preaching from his infancy till now and has built that relationship with God such that God wants to use him to do miracles starting with the mother. He has given me several orders in the past, but people did not listen to me, so He wants me to start with my mother.

“Someone died a year ago, and I went to tell them that they should allow me to resurrect him because God told me that he is not dead. But they refused. But God told me He wants to make them know that He and me are not liars.

“So I have the power to resurrect my mother, and it is not only my mother that I will resurrect. There are thousands that I will resurrect after my mother’s,” he told Nana Yaw Kumi of Skyy Power FM, Thursday, December 2, 2021.

Responding to why people should believe him when he has failed to do so in the past, Evangelist Elijah said, that has not happened because people have refused to have faith in what God can do.

“Look, when they said they won’t allow me to resurrect the boy, God said I should insist. The person whom they said is dead, had a warm body; and he was moving his eyes. How can that happen? So I knew I could ressuret him but the family said no,” he said.

He revealed that by following up on God’s guidance, his father who has bee sick for sometime now has been healed after he exhumed his mother.

“God told me that if I won’t go and exhime my mother, then she will kill my father. Just when I brought my mother’s body front the cemetary, my father who has been seriously ill for two weeks now, has gotten up from the bed and even made his way to the farm. Ask everyone here,” he said

According to him, God will cause his mother to come back to life in His own appointed time.

“Yes My mother has not resurrected, but God has given me a direction and I will do it the way He has asked me to. He says I should be cleaning the bones continuously and in His appointed time, he will resurrect her,” he stated.


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